Grace Bible Church is excited to announce that after 10 years of God's faithfulness. God has blessed us with a permanent location. This new location is on Augusta Rd and it is currently under renovations.  

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Taking Personal Responsibility

Some even boast they are not responsible for their current life situations. Another name for this epidemic is “blame shifting.” We all tend to pass the buck to another rather than owning our failures and responsibilities....

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Misplaced Boasting

When we face a challenge, we tend to solve it by throwing money at it or picking up the phone and calling the smartest person we know, rather than turning to God. ...

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Great First Sunday of 2019

The past can be valuable, but the past can hinder Christian progress forward. ...

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God Care for his People: Part 3

It is in these moments when we face undue speech we must learn to trust in God’s care for us when we can’t fight our own battles. ...

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God Cares for His People: Part II

Do we really think about how our theology impacts our daily lives? The late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said it best, "The Christian life is doctrine on fire." He held that doctrine was a practical truth about God that was to be impressedonto our mind so that we might live for the glory of God. This is especially valuable when we are faced with a trial and need to be remind...

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God Cares for His People

The saying, "Once a man and twice a child," accents a common truth that we begin our life in great need, and we will end our lives in great need. We come into this world unable to care for ourselves, and as we age, we exit this world unable to care for ourselves. As true as this is, there is a greater truth at work in the Christian's life. This truth, as hard as it might...

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In this new blog series, we are considering, "If God does everything for His sake, how can we be like God and do all things for His glory?" What captures our hearts and minds will usually be the things we will be committed to. As followers of Christ, we are called to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind. In others words, God should capture our affections. If this...

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Life is filled with many motivations. The promise of a job after education drives us to work hard in school. We are motivated to seek out work so that we can provide for our families. There are numerous motivations in life, but there is one motivation in life that surpasses all others, the glory of God. For the believer, the glory of God should be the driving force in all ...

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How sound is your commitment to Lord Jesus Christ? Is your commitment to God based on what God does for you? I am afraid that much of evangelical beliefs are focused on a doctrine that teaches God is our servant and is here for our happiness. If we survey Scripture with just a little effort, we will discover this is not true. In the life of Job, for example, we see a man ...

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The Fear of Authority and Submission

One the most common places we see sin manifested is in the areas of authority and submission. It is quite evident that one effect of sin is fear. We live in a pretty scary world, yet the most common command in the Bible is not to fear. We are also afraid of not getting what we feel we deserve. Whether we are talking about the church or the world, we can see that sin has co...

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