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Fall 2019 ministry



I know that it does not feel like fall is just around the corner with the 100-degree temperatures, but our fall line-up of ministries starts tonight with Women of Grace (6:30pm at LBA) and tomorrow night Men of Grace(6:45pm @ LBA). Both of these ministries are so important to our lives spiritually and helpful in building us into a growing church family. 

Several things I am excited about first is the unknown, what you might be asking yourselves, "the unknown" yes, think about it, we are called to live by faith and when it comes to our future location we have no idea where God will lead us. So this puts us in a great place of having to trust God. 

Secondly, this season of ministry (women and men's ministries) God is going to do a work in our lives. I hope you can get excited about that. We all need to be preparing our hearts for personal revival. Asking God to take us where we need to go so that we can be more like Jesus Christ. I know God can do that as we humbly allow His word to open our eyes to truth (the gospel of John, Esther, and God's attributes). 

Thirdly, I am excited to see Grace Kids moving in an awesome direction. What a true blessing it has been to see so many want to help make this ministry shine for the glory of God. 

Fourthly, and finally, I am excited about each of you and your involvement in Christ's body here at GBC. Seeing so many people serving each week using their gifts and talents for the glory of God and the good of others is so refreshing. 

Thanks for your faithfulness to Christ! 

Pastor Jason