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God Cares for His People


 The saying, “Once a man and twice a child,” accents a common truth that we begin our life in great need, and we will end our lives in great need. We come into this world unable to care for ourselves, and as we age, we exit this world unable to care for ourselves. As true as this is, there is a greater truth at work in the Christian’s life. This truth, as hard as it might be to admit, is we are always in need of care, but we have a heavenly Father that is always watching over us. This truth often escapes our minds and hearts because we are forgetful. Life circumstances seem to drive this truth far from our minds. Regardless, this truth is still true, and even in our most frantic moments, God is always there caring for us.


Let me accent this with a few powerful Scripture verses. First, let’s consider Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”Here God is pictured as a shepherd. What is a shepherd? In our modern minds, we are far removed from the time period when shepherds were very important people. Shepherds had an important job because the sheep were incompetent animals. He was their guide, protector, and overall caregiver. Jesus, our Lord, said He was the Good Shepherd. A Shepherd that would give His life for His sheep as shepherds did. Now we are those sheep, and God is our Shepherd watching over our every need. He leads us, He is always protecting us, and He is always going before us to be sure His will for our lives is done.


There is an additional verse, John 15:1, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.”This is a very significant passage, but I want to pull out one truth. Jesus’ statement concerning our heavenly Father as the vine-dresser is quite helpful when we think about God’s care for us. A vine-dresser is basically a gardener. In the ancient Middle East, wine was a very high and needed commodity. If the vine that grew the grapes was not properly cared for, there would be no wine. Jesus, using this real-life scenario, speaks of God as the one caring for the branches. God is always pruning, watering, and shaping us into fruitful believers. There is never a time God is not actively caring for us. These two simple verses accent what the rest of the Bible over and over again echoes, God cares for us.


Let us not forget this all-important truth. I am not sure what you are facing today, but God is your shepherd and vine dresser watching over your life.


Pastor Jason