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Is the Bible Enough?

In our concluding survey concerning the sufficiency of Scripture, I want to end our discussion on why the Bible is enough by looking at what the Bible claims about itself in Psalm 19:7-9.

The author of this text gives us six clear pictures of what the Word of God is capable of. The author, the Holy Spirit, uses six synonyms to describe the Word of God: law, testimony, precepts, command, fear, and judgments. These synonyms point to different aspects of God’s Word in conjunction with six adjectives that point us to the breadth of God’s Word.

First, we find the law of the LORD is perfect for restoring the soul. The term perfect carries the meaning of whole, complete, and sufficient. Therefore, the Word of God is complete, not in need of anything. The law of the LORD is complete and powerful to convert the soul. Basically, it is the whole ball of wax spiritually. There is nothing else needed in communicating to us the way of salvation.

Next, the testimony of the LORD is sure. Here the author takes us a little deeper into the power and sufficiency of the Word of God. The word sure means steadfast, right, true; it does not change. The Word is sure; God’s testimonies do not change like the wind but are steadfast and unchanging.

The precepts of the LORD are right. This declaration concerning the Word of God is that it is right. Namely, the Word leads us in the right path; it is a guide to the blind. The Bible brings direction in moments of confusion and brings guidance to our lives.

David further writes concerning the Word of God in verse 8, the commandment of the LORD is pure. The word pure carries with it the meaning that the Word of God is like a lamp. The commandments are pure because they guide us into the will of God. The Word of God enlightens and opens the eyes.

The fifth synonym about the Word is the fear of the LORD; David states that it is clean. The word clean reveals that the Word of God is not evil; it is without corruption and without error. This means the Word of God is without impurity, filthiness or imperfection. The Word of God is holy and true.

The final synonym, the judgments of the LORD are true, is a reference to the whole counsel of God's Word stating the truth about everything. There is no fault in it. It is righteous in its entirety regarding the purpose of man, God, and the truth and about those that reject His Word.

These six synonyms for God's Word and their corresponding adjectives reveal God’s Word as complete and sufficient for salvation and sanctification.