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Grace Counseling of Lexington

Grace Counseling of Lexington


Bringing God's truth to life's greatest problems

There are times in life when we are without answers and times when there seems to be no hope. In fact, there is a vast population of people that function well, despite their constant battle with secret problems. Many face depression, worry, anger, anxiety, fear, marital issues, parenting issues and life-dominating sins. No matter the issue, there is hope. No matter how desperate or hopeless it might seem, God has the answers to our problems.

There is an answer

Grace Counseling Center exists to bring lasting hope through looking at God’s Word. Often God is the last resort in finding real help for our problems; we believe He is the only answer to our problems. The Bible is God’s inspired and sufficient Word, given to help us live our lives as God intended (2 Pet. 1:3, Ps. 19:7-10).

The Word of God has been given to man so that we might know Him and live our lives according to His perfect design. The Bible tells us plainly that it holds the answer to our most difficult issues (2 Pet. 1:3). Grace Counseling Center is a Biblical counseling ministry bringing God’s truth to life’s greatest problems. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists. We are trained biblical counselors helping you apply God’s truth to your life.


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