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Fall 2019 ministry

Asking God to take us where we need to go so that we can be more like Jesus Christ....

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Meaningful Membership

We attend church one hour a week, usually on Sunday morning, and hope to excel spiritually, which is not a biblical paradigm....

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Tough Times Call For Right Responses

The past twelve months since we've moved to Lexington has been a real whirlwind for the church. Paul speaking to the early churches he planted, in Acts 14:22, states rightly that, "Through many tribulations, we must enter the kingdom of God." Paul's desire is to comfort these young churches. The hardship and trials they faced are part of their spiritual journey. This is ...

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Building Believers

The frustration that often comes with building is the desire to see progress in a fast and unrealistic time frame. However, if something is going to be done well, it will take time and patience. This is true as well with discipleship. No verse or method brings immature believers to maturity in a speedy fashion. The church, Christ's body, is a sea of believers in many diffe...

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Christian Conduct: Unity

There are certain trademarks that characterize believers. Our lives, as believers are to manifest our true citizenship, a life marked by grace, truth, selflessness, and servanthood. Paul goes on further to describe the marks of a gospel citizen; Paul states in Philippians 1:27, “standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel.” ...

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The Culture of Grace Bible Church

Without a doubt, every church is known for its culture. Culture is the atmosphere of a church. ...

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Koinonia Groups

At Grace, one of the primary ways we build a culture of discipleship is by cultivating fellowship with each other through our Koinonia Groups....

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The Member’s Role in the Church

Members of the local church are often looked at as second-rate Christians, but this is not what the Bible teaches. ...

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The Authority of the Church

We live in an anti-authority age where all authority seems intrusive and overbearing because we have been told we are leaders of our own lives and we are answerable to no one. ...

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The Corporate Body: The Church

The spirit of individuality in our world has crept into the church and fractured it by promoting self rather than sacrificial service to others...

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The Dangers Posed to Fellowship

The fellowship of the church is vitally important to its spiritual health. This is why fellowship should be extremely important to church leadership...

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Dangers to Fellowship

The greatest danger to Christian fellowship is personal sin. Sin in the church body causes a disruption in church unity. This is why Jesus gives us a clear way to deal with the sinning saint. In Matt. 18:15-20 there is a clear outline of Jesus as Head of the church on how to deal with sin that threatens the fellowship of the body....

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The Church: A Community Worth Our Life, Part II

There are several marks of the Christian community that should compel us each and every day of our lives....

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The Church as a Community

The desire to belong is nothing new but rather has been seen in many parts of our culture, both presently and in the past. ...

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A Giving Church

When we look through the corridors of history, we see many churches that are remembered for their actions. In Revelation, we find the church of Ephesus which stood fast for the truth and their good deeds...

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What to Look For

The church in its local manifestation is the group of people who assemble around the ministry of the Word in a particular place....

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Koinonia Groups Begin Again

Here at Grace we strive to live out a culture of “making disciples” and it is with great excitement and joy that we will start home Bible studies this fall with growing spiritually as our goal....

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