Joining together.

Nothing excites us more than to think about the people God is calling to be a part of this church. This local church is filled with normal people like you that have been saved by God's grace. This common bond ties all of our hearts together. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what unites us and moves us forward. 

Growing deeper.

You will find that membership in the local church will increase your fellowship and spiritual intimacy, thus growing you deeper in our walking with Christ. These are the real benefits of being part of the local assembly of believers. Membership is a commitment to Christ and to its participants, and it is a commitment to sacrificially give of yourself, your time, your energy, and your resources, to the work of the gospel.

Our Membership Process

We have a simple, yet specific, process for membership here at Grace. The goal of our membership process is to help each potential member have a greater assurance of their salvation, a clear vision of the mission of the church, how to resolve conflict biblically,  and how to faithfully serve in the body of Christ.
Here is the simple process:
1. Attend a membership class
2. Fill out application and salvation testimony 
3. Baptism
4. Pastoral interview 
5. Right-hand of fellowship
All membership classes are scheduled based upon need. There will be a weekly announcement from the pulpit and in the bulletin for times and dates for the next membership class.

Sign up for our next membership class

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